Grants Spotlight


  Katrice Hunt


Homeowner since May of 2015 


I Purchased a 3 bedroom, 1 ½ bath home located in the City of Richmond.


I received Grants and Down Payment Assistance totaling $7,856.


I purchased my home because it was always one of my goals to become a homeowner. Plus, I really wanted my son to have a yard of his own to play in.


Advantage of home-ownership is having a strong sense of accomplishment having purchased my very first home. I can decorate my home they way I want, when I want. Plus, I've made a very wise investment in for our future.


Disadvantage to home-ownership are repairs! Small issues if not properly addressed could potentially become large problems. I created a financial safety net for unexpected repairs.


I encourage you to first and foremost pray for guidance. Second, create a strong vision for yourself by creating a Vision Folder of your goals and stay focused on it. Allow the Law Of Attraction to provide you the things you most desire.



Katrice H.



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