'POWER' Spotlight


   Rafael & Yoangela


Anticipated closing March 2016

My wife and I are purchasing a spacious 3 bedroom, 2 ½ home located in Eastern Henrico County.


We expect to receive Grants and Down Payment Assistance totaling $5,000.

We're purchasing a home to serve as an example to our families that home-ownership is possible and something they should do as well. 

Advantages of home-ownership include being able to raise our children in a safe environment.  Plus, finally we'll have enough room to setup the pool we've been carrying around for years.  Our kids are going to love it.

Disadvantage to home-ownership is that any and all repairs falls back on us.

I encourage you to address any credit issues you have, keep your debts low and take advantage of all the free money you can!

Rafael Reynoso



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'POWER' Spotlight


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