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  Garrett Sawyer


Homeowner since August of 2011

I purchased a brand new, 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home located in the Southside of Richmond. 


I received Grants and Down Payment Assistance totaling $32,000


I purchased a home because I was sick of giving my money to my landlord.  Plus, it was time to start making investments towards my personal future. Buying a  home was the best way to accomplish this.  Since then, I've made other investments and feel really good about the direction I'm heading.


Advantage of Home-ownership is having a lot more privacy.  No longer do I have neighbors on top of me or below me.   In addition, home-ownership fostered the ability to create and build stronger and more lasting relationships with neighbors and community stakeholders. I feel very prideful in having a larger stake in the Southside of Richmond where I was raised.

Disadvantage to home-ownership is having to take care of repair items myself.  Once I closed on my home, I became responsible for everything.  Luckily, I was equipped with useful tools of how to handle home-ownership through attending a few free classes offered through the City of Richmond and its community partners.  Luckily, I haven't had any major repair items over the past five years. If by some chance I should, at least I'm prepared for it.  Yes, there are some con's to home-ownership; however, I wouldn't trade the opportunity for anything.


I encourage you to stop sitting on the sideline and get into the game.  The amount of money you're wasting renting year after year can go to investing in yourself.  I encourage you to do as I did, which was to take full advantage of the grants and free classes that provide the necessary resources to step into the next phase of life, home-ownership.



Garrett S.


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