Share the 'POWER'


Beyond a doubt, the desire to own a home is a common goal that's shared across religious, ethnic and economic standings.

Unfortunately, the average up front cost of more than $9,000 is a barrier that many simply can't overcome.  By taking advantage of Grants and Down Payment Assistance home purchase becomes possible with as little as $1,500.

Our mission, with your assistance, is to get the word out through the 'POWER' Grants Workshops that home ownership is not only possible, but more affordable than ever!



Last year we assisted over 25 families purchase homes while taking advantage of over $455,000 of Grants & Down Payment Assistance. Empower your membership by sharing the joy of home-ownership by scheduling a free 45 minute, POWER' Grants Workshop for your church or civic organization.  It's 100% free, plus we bring all the workbooks.



'emPOWER your memberhip!'


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